Roma Boots: Beyond a Buy-one, Give-one Model


For most of us, footwear is functional and fashionable. For those who live in rural areas where walking is the main form of transportation, it is a necessity. This is particularly true for the 1 billion children around the world who live in poverty, many of whom lack proper footwear. Without adequate shoes, impoverished children can develop infectious diseases and miss going to school on cold, snowy, and rainy days - ultimately affecting their health and education.

The Company
Looking to “combine [his] love for fashion and philanthropy,” Samuel Bistrian founded Roma Boots in Dallas, Texas back in 2010.
Founded on the premise of “giving poverty the boot,” Roma Boots uses the buy-one, give-one model to create positive change for children globally. For every pair of Roma Boots we buy, a new pair of boots is donated to a child in need. Over the past five years, thousands of children in 25 countries have received a pair of boots. While this is unbelievably valuable for children and families, Roma Boots goes beyond that: 10% of their profits are donated to education.
The company’s philanthropic arm, Roma Foundation, also plans to fund “Roma Learning Centers” to further support learning in communities in need. As a former teacher, this certainly makes me smile! Locally, the Roma Boots team celebrates the “Day of Hope” on November 29th every year to promote kindness and giving. It’s due to the combination of these these philanthropic activities that I find Roma Boots’ model notable. Roma Boots not only gives resources, but also supports children lives through education.

Roma Boots gets it – long-lasting social impact goes beyond resource provision; it requires investing in the people who you seek to help. 


The Products
Are you ready to “give poverty the boot?” If so, let’s talk about their products. Roma Boots sells quality rain boots for adults and children. From bright solids, matte textures, and patterns to various heights and laces, there are so many options to choose from. The boots are made of natural rubber and are lined with quick-drying cotton, an essential for those rainy days. Not surprisingly, the boots are also fair trade certified. As to price, they’re definitely affordable, especially when you think about the child that your purchase will impact.