3 Companies that you may not know are B Corps

The B Corp Movement is growing. There are 3,500+ Benefit Corps and 2,000+ Certified B Corps. It is a pleasant surprise to find out that companies I know and love are part of this movement and I want to spread the good news. These companies are committed to the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profits.

1. Kickstarter

Benefit Corp: Since 2015  |  Certified B Corp: Since 2014

IG @kickstarter

IG @kickstarter

Not all crowdfunding platforms are created equal. Founded in 2009, Kickstarter seeks to "bring creative projects to life." The site is specifically for creative projects (music, art, etc.) and donates 5% of profits to arts education programs and organizations "fighting systemic inequality" for minority groups.

Since becoming a Benefit Corporation in 2015, the company officially prioritized its impact on both society and shareholders. It is also a Certified B Corp and stands out for how it cares for its employees. According to the latest B Lab Impact report, Kickstarter offers a retirement program that invests in socially responsible funds. 

Kickstarter has had an impact on job creation. A Wharton study found that funded projects helped launch nearly 9,000 new companies and non-profit organizations, which in turn created almost 30,000 new full-time jobs .

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2. Etsy

Benefit Corp: n/a  |  Certified B Corp: Since 2012

IG @etsy

IG @etsy

Founded in a Brooklyn apartment back in 2005, Etsy connects buyers and sellers from all over the world looking for unique handcrafted goods. Etsy is building a more inclusive economy in which people everywhere can participate.

Etsy was one of the first Certified B Corps to become a public company. At the time, many doubted the company's ability to stay true to mission and profit after going public, but the 2016 Impact report proved them wrong. Etsy continues to be a Certified B Corp. The highest ratings are in the employee and customer section, which isn't a surprise because Etsy's core is all about people and community.

Etsy specifically supports women who aspire to be engineers. Etsy Hacker Grants, a partnership with the Recurse Center in New York, gives scholarships to train women on programming and website development.

Etsy isn't a registered Benefit Corporation yet. According to B Lab's certification requirements, Etsy must register as a Benefit Corp by August 2017. Stay tuned.

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3. Ben & Jerry's

Benefit Corporation: n/a  |  Certified B Corp: Since 2012

IG @benandjerrys

IG @benandjerrys

Yes, Ben & Jerry's brings us decadent ice cream. In doing so, it seeks to create prosperity for "everyone that’s connected to [their] business: suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees, customers, and neighbors." 

As a Certified B Corp, Ben & Jerry's encourages suppliers to take the B Impact Assessment. In this way, it is better prepared to partner with suppliers who will help the company have a better social and environmental impact.

Ben & Jerry's is very transparent about its point of view on key issues - many unrelated to their line of business - and often takes specific actions. In advance of the 2016 presidential election, it ran a Pledge to Vote campaign to increase voter registration. A completed voter registration card = free ice cream. 

Most recently, they published a blog post about the Women's March on Washington to highlight their favorite messages. The company has also publicly announced support for the Black Livers Matter movement. It even wrote about seven ways that prove institutional racism still exists today.

Ben & Jerry's creates ice cream we can feel better about.

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