Janji: Running to Fight the Global Water Crisis

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Growing up in the México-U.S. border made me very cognizant of the impact that a country's resources can have on water quality. In the region where I grew up, each border town sources water from the Rio Grande; yet, tap water is only potable on one side of the border. Nonetheless, having access to clean water was never a question. This isn't the case everywhere, though. 

Currently, 1 out of 10 people around the world lack access to clean water.1

The Company
Founded by avid runners Michael Bernstein and David Spandorfer, Janji is a socially conscious running apparel company that donates 10% of proceeds to fund projects that give clean water to countries in need. The products - shirts, jackets, shorts, pants, leggings, and accessories - are all made of high-quality performance material. Buying one shirt can give a year of clean water to someone – how amazing is that?

Most donation-based companies partner with an organization to deliver the same product or service across the board, but Janji takes a more customized approach. Janji recognizes that each country has distinct assets and needs, so it partners with a specific organization to deliver a unique solution. From product designs to clean water solutions, each is customized for each country.

For example, the Peru collection was inspired by Peruvian textiles and iconic symbols (I love this Machu Picchu design) and has supported 416 projects to install clean water systems through Living Water International. The Kenya collection is inspired by Kenya’s landscapes and wildlife.


To succeed, it’s essential for socially responsible companies to help consumers see and understand the impact of their purchases. Janji does this well. The Runventure photo stories describe anecdotes about meeting and running with local community members and exploring clean water projects. To me, this shows that Janji is truly centered on its social mission.

Simple, yet powerful, details on some products also remind consumers about why Janji apparel is special. This shirt has a piece of hand woven fabric from Kitale, Kenya and a label with key facts about projects. It’s rare to see performance clothing with such neat details!

With Janji, we're only one responsibuy away from giving clean water to someone in need. Whether you love to run or wear athleisure out and about, there's a Janji item for you!

[1] Water.org, "Facts about Water and Sanitation"

Anairis Hinojosa